November 13 - 15, 2016

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2015 Chief IP Survey Results

IQPC Exchange surveyed 38 corporate legal executives to determine which areas of investment are of most interest for 2015. The titles of respondents include: Chief Legal Officer, Chief IP Counsel, Chief Innovation Officer, General Counsel,  Global Head of IP, Head of IP and Executive Director of Pat ...

Monetizing IPR Challenges: Is there actually anything wrong with it? An interview with Lee Cheng, Chief Legal Officer and SVP of Corporate Development at Newegg - Part I

It is no secret that Hayman Capital has recently become the source of much controversy in the realm of patent litigation. Hayman Capital, with the help of IP Navigation Group led by CEO Erich Spangenberg, has been making a great deal of money through Intellectual Property Right (IPR) challenges. Wit ...

Monetizing Patents and Patent Reform: Why IPR Challenges are a necessary function. An interview with Lee Cheng, Chief Legal Officer and SVP of Corporate Development at Newegg - Part II.

In Part I of the interview, Lee discussed the fundamental reasons why the controversy surrounding the monetization of IPR Challenges by Hayman Capital and Erich Spangenberg, is not fully warranted. In this final portion of the interview, Lee further discusses the need for IPR challenges, the monetiz ...

Kyle Bass vows to keep returning to the PTAB “Kangaroo Court”

Third party piece by Managing Intellectual Property. “It has been a bad couple of weeks for hedge fund manager Kyle Bass’s efforts to get pharmaceutical companies’ patents invalidated…”

Protection of Intellectual Property in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been identified as one of the key priorities for chief information officers in recent years. This article discusses the importance of protection of Intellectual Property in the Cloud.

The Issue of Patent Trolls Protection Strategies

Margareta Ydreskog of SAAB, joins Pharma IQ to discuss the challenges and recent advances of intellectual property rights in the Nordic region. 

Brand Protection: Fighting the Online Counterfeiters

With the advancement of technology comes a raft of brand protection issues, as products are made increasingly vulnerable to the actions of counterfeiters. This article discusses how to protect your brand.

Regulation & Compliance: An Interview with Adam Kokas, Atlas Air Worldwide

In this video interview, Adam Kokas, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Human Resources Officer and Corporate Secretary of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, discusses global regulations and corporate compliance.

Intellectual Property is a Hot Topic in an Increasingly Digital World

Every organisation has intellectual property which sums up the very core of the business strategy, whether its technological innovations or trading information. 

Why you should Project not Protect the Value of your Innovation, Build Bridges not Fences!

In this interview, Tom Briscoe, of Dako Europe, discusses the idea of projecting innovation rather than simply protecting it.

What and What Not to Patent and Dealing with Emerging Markets

Legal IQ: I am sure you would agree that the cost benefit analysis of your patent portfolio is essential in deciding what to patent and what not to patent. Is this the only piece of information that you take into account when making this type of decision? If not, what else would you consider? A Spil ...

Discussing IBM's Patent Strategy with Bruno Leduc

Legal IQ's editor Sam Miranda interviewed Bruno Leduc, Director of Licensing and Intellectual Property at IBM Europe, to discuss the company's patent strategy. 

Intellectual Property Enforcement, IKEAs Lessons Learnt

In this Legal IQ interview Cecilia Emanuelson, Legal Affairs Manager for IKEA, joins Andrea Charles, Editor for Legal IQ, to discuss strategies for global intellectual property enforcement, the importance of trademark protection and lessons learnt in the field.