What and What Not to Patent and Dealing with Emerging Markets

Legal IQ: I am sure you would agree that the cost benefit analysis of your patent portfolio is essential in deciding what to patent and what not to patent. Is this the only piece of information that you take into account when making this type of decision? If not, what else would you consider? A Spillman: Thank you, Helen, for this question. This question is actually a very good question. It was a bit irritating in the beginning but I think what it means for me is that the cost benefit analysis is a very powerful way of looking at your patent portfolio. Not in a bookkeeping way, I think that's the important thing to understand, but if you really look at cost and benefit in a very broad sense of the meaning of the words, of course, you look at the agent's price and what the hourly rate is. I think it would also certainly include looking at the processes you are doing; can you take certain things in-house and does it make more sense to do certain things in-house? 

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